Several years ago, YKK AP (a company that designs, creates and manufactures aluminum fenestration systems) hosted a video contest to find out how people are “building a better tomorrow, today”. We couldn’t help but enter the contest, using some slick lines to create laughs but also inspire the world to pursue urban gardening. This launched a great relationship with a company that has set out to engage their target market through unconventional methods, paving the way for the virality of the “I am an Architect” series.


The ‘I am an Architect’ series, was created to engage the architectural community through humor and lightheartedness, exaggerating the highs and lows of being an architect. The series launched with the video below, which grew to over 900,000 views on YouTube alone, and has been referenced in numerous education and trade-show settings.

Original Song & Lyrics

The lyrics and music for each video are written by GS Collective, and are the result of numerous hours of research and talking with architects to find out what makes them tick along with what drives them bonkers. Referencing the number of times the videos have been viewed, I’d say we hit the nail on the head!

“Yo, Where my red lines at?”

I picture Frank Lloyd Wright, while you think I’m Mike Brady
And engineers devour our work and call us crazy
We got rounded specs, but they ain’t for looks
It’s from staring at our screens and all those history books
We turn an empty space, into a world of possibility
Maintaining privacy, and tranquility
Graduate from school, about to change the world,
But I’m stuck designing thrones with a clockwise swirl

We’re architects oh! With creative flair
Re-designing the world, from buildings to chairs
It’s a daily grind, but we love what we do
A satisfying job giving you a better view

Lord of the Elmer’s, and king of scraps
Making models our of paper, and plastic bottle caps
I’m a master of BIM, making lines with dashes,
Except I’ll lose my mind, if Revit *bleep* crashes
GREEN is gold, and LEED is big,
Know the golden triangle, and learn your trig
Challenge the formula, push the envelope,
Put more glazing over here. That looks really dope!


Crank the A/C in the office just to stay awake,
Espresso and Red Bull till I got a stomach ache.
With our cotton blazers high, we have a sense of style,
But to the rest of the world we just point and smile
I read code books, while I’m on vacation
Take pictures of, my latest creation
We wear black and gray, with no logos on our threads
So many sleepless nights we’re like the walking dead


Got so many scales, myswell (might as well) call me a fish
Does your lawn look boring? I’ll design you a dish
Starchitects, no!, call them Hollywood actors,
Cause they can’t deal with general contractors
Spec book wasn’t clear so I got these RFI’s
Clients making changes that we all despise.
We got better FORM, than Jordan’s jump shot
And designs that function like a million dollar yacht.


I’m an architect, “Oh you mean like Ted Mosby?”


Growing up, most architects would say they knew they were an architect at a young age; playing with Lincoln Logs, always loving to design and build, and admiring buildings that covered big city skylines. For this installment of the “I am an Architect” series, we showcased the progression of an architect’s childhood, from toddler to adulthood, and the activities they may have partaken in during those times.


Filming for this video was done in Atlanta at a variety of locations including the AIA Atlanta office and Gensler, an architectural firm in downtown ATL.


In this video we show some of changes and innovations that have happened throughout history, within the realm of architecture. After researching with our architect guru friends, we came up with the resulting eras and picked outfits and buildings that fit the time period. The final video was created using a green screen performance and compositing images to create an environment for the actor.


If you’re not having fun, you probably aren’t making great content.


‘Do the Architect’ is the 3rd installment in the ‘I am an Architect’ series. In this video, architects Brady and Mosby show the viewer how to “Do the Architect” while mixing in some relate-able woes in the life of an architect.


As part of the “I am an Architect” series, each video has been premiered at the American Institution of Architects yearly convention. GS Collective has also provided on-site trade-show support, with a slo-motion video booth, where architects showed their rendition of the “Do the Architect” dance, as well as actors ”Brady” and “Mosby” meeting and greeting with fans while dressed in attire of numerous time periods, promoting the vast history of architecture.