Our relationship with Because I said I would began in the infancy stage of both of our companies. When Alex Sheen contacted us to highlight the beginning story of Because I said I would, it was a movement we were instantly on board with. After spending a few days together in Cleveland, little did we know the movement would escalate into an international force, sealing our relationship and providing more opportunities to highlight backer’s stories.


Katie Spotz, the youngest person to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, is a freak of nature. Not because she is the most fit or has any special physical abilities, but because of her desire to not give up. We first met Katie while filming her speaking promo video (shown below). She is a very laid back, fun-loving person, to the point that you would never know the list of accomplishments that follow her unless someone told you. Her humble attitude and desire to bring change to the world through her efforts make her story shine.


To be honest I didn’t expect the reaction that many would have to this video. Alex at Because I said I would contacted me a day or two before filming this video and told me about the opportunity to film Matthew’s story. We met at Matthew’s house and after setting up and pressing record, Matthew began to give his message. That message would eventually reach millions of people worldwide and every major news network. People were discussing and arguing his motive for doing so and what drove him to make the video. Being there in person, I can tell you that Matthew was genuinely sorry for his actions and just needed a way to escape the guilt and anguish that he felt, and hoping to do so by doing some good in the world. Since then, Matthew has been serving his sentence and continues to try and make a difference in the world any way he can.


Another quick video for Because I said I would featuring Alex Sheen and Sung Beats. This video is promoting New Year’s Resolutions, in hopes that you will keep your promises this year.