american greetings

American Greetings commissioned us to create promo videos for a few of their mobile apps. Each app has a different target market and demographic tied to it, so the approach to each video was unique.


The Creatacard app is a kids card making app where you can (digitally) draw with various tools (paintbrush, colored pencil, markers) on an iPad or android tablet, and then print the card and mail to to friend or loved one. We created a ‘how-to’ type video, showcasing a few features of the app, but added a quick attention-grabbing intro to establish the imaginative nature of the app.


To pull off the intro animation, we filmed a child’s hand in front of a green-screen background. We then keyed out the background and utilized After Effects to create the various sticker animations and drawing lines that were generated from tracking the fingertip. Add a quick color correction adjustment and “voila!”.


The Cardstore app allows you to create cards on a phone, tablet, or desktop computer, and then a printed card is delivered to its final destination. In this how-to type video we utilized split screen to show the process of creating the cards on a digital device, and then the printed card in it’s destination.


“I’m a hamburger, hamburger, hamburger!”

This popular card (within the app) already had a catchy tune, so we brought it to life by capturing live action footage of people singing the song. We then compiled them together, added some digital effects, and resulted with this fun-loving video to promote Live Greetings mobile app.


We went through a number of different iterations for the googly eyes until we finally came up with the right amount of bounce and silliness. Watch the breakdown of the process to the right.